Dan Dawson
Vital statistics
Real Name Daniel John Dawson
Aliases Dan, Dangerous Dan, John, Agent Dan, Agent D, Danny,
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes keeping America safe, his family,
Dislikes terrorists threatening America, lawbreakers,
Place of Origin Los Angeles CA
Residence Washington D.C.
Relatives Ashley Dawson (Wife)

Dan Dawson Jr. (son)

Steve Dawson (son)

Laurie Dawson (daughter)

Ethan Dawson (father, deceased), Betty Ann Dawson (mother. deceased),

Everett Dawson (Uncle),

Allies United States Government, Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Enemies lawbreakers, criminals, terrorists,
Affiliations the Chicago Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Powers & Abilities
Powers Expert Fighting Skills, Expert Marksman, Expert Driver,
Weaknesses being human
Equipment Police and Federal firearms
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He has black hair, brown eyes, and muscular. he wears a black agent suit when in his office and when he goes out on investigations along with his black ankle-length trenchcoat, shades, and his fedora hat.


Dan is calm, kind, and caring around his family and friends, always helping out. In the FBI he's always eager to solve the investigations and protecting the United States government from criminals.


Early life

Daniel J. Dawson was born in October 2, 1978, Los Angeles, California: Dan's father was the Captain of the Los Angeles Police Department, he has been one of the finest police officers since 1960 at the age of nineteen, his mother was secretary of the Chambers of Conference. Dan lived a good life when he was a kid. But on October 12, 1985, he and his parents are on their way home from the drive-in movie when the traffic light turned red, the car stopped and then a man approached their car, he pulls out a revolver and shot through the windshield, the bullet struck his father's head. His mother screamed in terror as the mugger then shoots her, Dan hid behind the car seats. Just as the mugger pulled his dead parents out of the car and search their pockets and purses for money, Dan finds his father's 1911 pistol hidden under the driver's seat, loaded and locked in position. He takes the pistol out and slowley opened the car door and got out. he shot the mugger in the back which was facing him. Afterwords the police arrived and arrested the mugger and Dan lived with his uncle Everett all his life.

April 6, 1996: after graduating high school, he joined the police academy to become one of L.A.'s finest and to honor his father. During their training on February 28, 1997: Dan faced a death-defying challange, a bank robbery in North Hollywood: California, against robbers Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Matasareanu. By December 12, 1999, he graduated and became one of the highest police officers in the LAPD. His criminal arrest record is 300% high.

September 11, 2001: he saw the news about the World Trade Center twin towers being attacked by terrorists. The next day he resigned from the police force and moved to Washington D.C. to join the FBI Academy. His training levels are the same as at the police force in L.A., there becoming one of the top recruits in the academy.

the FBI

June 3, 2004: He graduated and became one of the FBI agents. During the War on Terrorism, Dan worked on Osama Bin Ladin, leader of the terrorist group 'Al-Qaeda' and the one who planned the 9/11 attack. He figured out where he'll be hiding next and reported this information to the United States Army. After Bin Ladin was captured, tried, and then executed Dan was awarded for the information of Bin Ladin's location. July 4, he met Julia Anderson during the Fourth of July festivities. months later they fell in love. January 19, 2005 they got married and lived in a suburbian home with three childern, Steve and Dan Jr and a baby daughter Laurie.

Investigation of the massacres

February 5, 2008: During Jack's secret rampage, Daniel started investigating one of the mass murder cases of the KKK tribes and the Neo-Nazis. For months, KKK tribes, Skinheads, Far Left/Right people and several US Politicians were found dead. He believes that the mass murders were linked by the killer/killers but never found out who, even with leads and evidence, he found nothing.

Powers & Abilities

Skilled Fighter: Dan's experience with FBI training has made him top fighter on the force, knows from disarming criminals to melee combat.

Expert Marksman: Dan has received both police and FBI training to firearms, his common firearms are a Glock 17 pistol, Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver, MP5 sub-machine guns, M16 assault rifles, police issued shotguns, and any police and federal issued weapons. H also keeps a Colt Detective Special revolver as his backup weapon.

Expert Driver: His superb driving skills makes him unstoppable, he also can shoot while driving.


  • "We always protect and serve the United States Government."
  • "We must uphold the law and order!"
  • "I never appreciate criminal scum like you."


  • His theme is the 'Law and Order' theme (no I don't watch Law and Order,)
    Law & Order Theme Full Version

    Law & Order Theme Full Version

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