Victor Fries(aka Mr. Freeze) was Governor of California between November 17, 2003-January 3, 2011

Teddy Bridges and Mackenzie Allen take the rolls of that earth's McCain and Palin. Only differently.

The USR actually killed Green Day's doubles instead as the real ones where touring in other country's.

Heavy Beiber replaces Justin Beiber only short tempered and, when he is provoked, it sometimes ends in destruction.

A Harpy Eagle and Meerkat were elected into office for three whole terms.

The Reaper Virus appears and infects Scotland and is walled off by the British Government.

Anthropomorphic Animals are considered no different then Blacks or Mexicans and have been so since 1939 by Animal Actor, Daniel "Danny Cat" Katswell.

The Illusive Mistery is the adopted daughter of Raven and Jinx from the Teen Titans. And the life partner of Jenny XJ9 Wakeman.

The United States Rangers had a little over hundred members plus drones and were disbanded shortly after the Termorton Massacre in 2028 by the Teen Titans, Jenny XJ9 Wakeman, The Illusive Mistery and T.U.F.F. Agent Dudley Puppy.

Mobius is a different planet entirely and has been renamed Robius after the Cluster-Robotnik Treaty of 3236, Mobius time.

Harvey Milk survived his 1978 assassination and later became the 42nd President.

Vampires secretly fought on both sides of the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln was the greatest vampire hunter of his time.

The USR are not only Anti-Liberal but also Anti-Gay.

WBC is exiled to Africa after Harvey Milk became the 42nd President.

Due to an error, Hitler's brain is accidentally placed into the body of an Dolphin. Naming him Adophin Hitler.