Gail X252
Gail X252
Vital statistics
Real Name G1X-X2520L
Aliases Gail,
Gender Female
Species Gynoid
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Likes seducing and killing men,
Dislikes Nancy
Place of Origin the Japanese Military Research Facilities
Residence unknown
Relatives none
Allies none
Enemies Nancy 364, United States,
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers Advanced Weapon System
Weaknesses Electric Surges
Equipment {{{Weapons and Artifacts}}}
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Gail is a female robot designed as a nineteen-year old girl. She has a black color all over her body, a pair of red motion sensors that resembles eyeballs and a voice box-mouth. Her built-in nano-skin disguise has chin-length black hair, peach skin, and red eyes. She wears revealing clothes with her disguise.


Gail X252 was built on March 2, 2002 by the Japanese Military Research Facilities for the Japanese Army, she was the first successful female robot built which led to more designs for more female robots. But she suffered a glitch in her CPU system and on June 23, 2004 she became rogue and starts killing her fellow soldiers. After the massacre, she fled Japan.


Gail is Sadistic, Ruthless, and very Intelligent, like Nancy, she also seduces her enemies and then killing them.

Powers & Abilities

Enhanced Durability: Like Nancy 364, Gail X252 has titanium armor, and also waterproof, sandproof, and mudproof.

Enhanced Strength: Gail's strength matches Nancy's.

Nano-Skin: Her nano-skin disguise is also like Nancy's.

Advanced Weapon System: Like Nancy, Gail is also armed to the teeth with weapons, but her weapons are vicious looking. And Gail also uses human-made weapons towards her enemies.

Flight Pack: Gail also has a flight pack.

Repair System: Gail's repair system is the same.


Kinetic Energy Cannons: Gail has Kinetic Energy cannons built in her forearms, lower legs and chest.

Heavy Machine Guns: Gail's M2HB machine guns are built around her forearms, shoulders, and lower legs and comes in the black color. 

M-61 Vulcan Cannons: Gail's M-61 Vulcan cannons are mounted over her shoulders, six-barrels and in the same color as her body.

XT94 Rail Guns: The rail guns built in her forearms can fire bullets and plasma bolt at high velocity.

Missile Launchers: Both of Gail's shoulders, like the Vulcan cannons, launchers that fires small but powerful missiles enough to destroy a tank and/or any armored vehicles.

Laser Whips: Her wrists conceals two projectiles that ignites a whip made out of plasma laser, powerful enough to whip through an armored truck.


  • Hey're in for a surprise
  • I got a surprise for you
  • I always enjoy tricking all of the guys into my trap.


Her theme is 'Disturbia' by Rihannathumb|100px|right|Disturbia