The O'Sullivan Brothers
Vital statistics
Real Name Trevor and Ryan O'Sullivan
Aliases The O'Sullivan Twins
Gender Male
Species Human (Irish-Americans)
Status Alive
Alignment Anti-Hero Vigilantes
Likes Irish Traditions, The United States,
Dislikes Mafia of all kinds, Rapists, Murderers,
Place of Origin New York City, NY
Residence The USR HQ
Relatives John O'Sullivan (father)

Mary O'Sullivan (mother)

Allies Jackhammer
Enemies Mobsters, Murderers, Rapists,
Affiliations Ireland, The United States of America,
Powers & Abilities
Powers Skilled Fighters, Skilled Marksmen, Skilled Drivers,
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Various Firearms and Melee Weapons
First Appearance Days of the United States Rangers


Trevor has blond hair, and blue eyes, Ryan has black hair, and blue/green eyes. They both have peach skins, slim bodies, and slick hair, they also wear black shirts, either black or blue jeans, black shoes, sunglasses and trench coats.


Trevor is more focused and intelligeant, he knows what weapons and equipments to use. Ryan is more of a ladies man, always trying to impress girls and he's more hardheaded and often goes in guns blazing.


Powers & Abilities



The O'Sullivans are based on the MacManus brothers from 'The Boondock Saints' and 'The Boondock Saints II'