Dallas, Texas: a young goth girl entered the city in a silver Veritas RS III sports car in high speeds. Then the car stoped in front of the Dallas Bank, she got out of the car with a trenchcoat and a skimask on, pulls out an Uzi out of the trenchcoat and enters the bank. She destroyed the security cameras and the security system. She threw the bags at one of the tellers and demanded him to fill them up. She walked out of the bank with the bags of money.

"Hay, think i can have those?" a Young, Beutiful, girl in white floated gently down in front of her, with her arms crossed. She did not look satisfied. 'Sorry sister" the goth girl replied, "But these are mine now." she continued as she fires the Uzi at her.

She quickly tellaported behind her and reached and grabbed the bags of mony. "No, not really. Whats youre name, by the way?" Dove asked.

"Would you like to know." the girl replied as she knocks Dove down with a swinging kick.

"Yes." she replied. "What the? Brother Water?" She said still on the ground. her grip on the bags of money was still tight. "Hi." he replied.

"Brother Who???" the girl asked confused. "I don't know what you're saying but I'll be taking my money now if you don't mind." she said as she tries to take the bags away.

All trieing did was help Dove up. All of a sudden, it started to rain. Out of nowhere. it whent from beutiful sunny day too dark and cloudy.

The goth girl didn't seem surprised from the rain. She draws the Uzi again at Dove's head.

"Let go of the bag." she demanded.

"Wow. Scary." She said sarcasticly. If it went through, she could just heal herself. Her healing skills where mutch better now. "BW, make it stop raining for me, would ya'?" It stopped raining. then both Brother Water and Dove broke free and ran away.

The goth girl jumps into her car, floors the gas pedal and takes off after her.

She catches up with them and cut them off. She get's out of the car and fires her Uzi once more at Dove.

Luckilly, Dove ducked. it barely missed Brother Water.

The Uzi clicks empty, the goth girl reloads the gun.

"I am fed up with this." Dove said. she took out some handcuffs, an telleported behind the goth. She took the gothic girls hand and put one handcuff on, took the Uzi and took her other hand. she put the other handcuff on an telleported them back to the tower. "What is youre name?" Dove asked again.

"None of your business!" the girl replied as she tries to rip the cuffs apart.

"Fine. By the way, you can't break those. That's a special Azarathian metal........Gail." Dove told her.

"How di..... I Didn't say anything about my name." Gail said as she activates her buzzsaw hand and starts cutting the chain.

Everytime she tried cutting the chain, it just got stronger. "lt's a secret." Was all Dove said.

"Unlock these handcuffs!!" Gail demanded.

"Why should i?!" Dove asked confused.

"Because you interrupted my business." Gail answers.

"Not that good of a reason." Dove pointed out, throwing Gail in the personal super-prison under the tower.

"Are you gonna let me out of these handcuffs?!?!" Gail shouted as she lay on the prison bed.

"No, actually." she replied as she sat down in a nearby chair. "Dove! Where are you?" Simma shouted as she ran down to the prison. Simma looked in the cell. "Freak." Simma said to Gail

Gail fires the KE cannons from her right foot towards Simma.

They did not do a single thing to her. There was an Angel that came down and protected her from it. "Sigh." was all Simma said.

"Who are you?" Gail demanded as she tries to break out of her handcuffs again.

"You know that one boy you took hostage? Brother Water? He is her brother." Dove said pointing to Simma. "Brother Water controls all rain and water. Simma here," Dove said looking at Simma, "controls raindbows. Her sister, Sister Animal, is a shapeshifter, She can turn into any animal she pleases, and talk to them. Her mother is Mother Earth, She controls the earth, And last but not least, Her father; Father Time. He controls the time. Any more questions?"

"That's a load of bologna." Gail said as she struggles to free herself from the cuffs.

Simma's eyes turned white, The her famaly came rushing down. Sistar Animal had a puppy with her. "Ahem." She said turning into a puppy and spoke to it. Brother Water made a water orb, Mother Earth spun the world really fast, and Father Time sped up time, and Simma made a small rainbow. "Bologna my butt." Simma said.

"o...k....." Gail said confused now.

Simma simply ran upstairs. Her Famaly left. "So..." Dove said

"I'm getting tired of these handcuffs." Gail stated.

The handcuffs fell off, and the bars meltet down. Dove had put up an invisable elecktric fence where the bars used to be. Gail did not know the elecktric fence was put up.

Gail gets up off the bed and starts heading towards the hole where the bars were, but then she detects some electric activity. She scans the hole and finds and electric fence.

"So...Gail.....You a robot?" Dove asked her while filing her nails.

"How did she know what I am?" Gail thought to herself.

"It's a trick, she's trying to get me to tell her." she continued as she looks around for an exit.

"No exit. Alayer of brick, then a layer of concreat and solid steel and many many more layers. no windos either. And i could tell you're a robot by you're eyes." Dove said "By the way, what am i trying to get you to tell me?"

"How does she know what I'm thinking?" Gail thought to herself.

"It's like she's psychic or something."

"I have the abillaty to read other people's thought's and mind's." Dove replied.

"So you're a gypsy?" Gail said in a mocking voice.

Dove made a face at Gail. "No." Dove said quietly as she began filing her nails again.

"Yeah right." Gail replied as her hands turned into laser whips and she slashes the bars to pieces with ease and she made her way towards Dove with her Gatling Gun Arm.

Dove just bent the gun in half. "Oooooh, i'm so scared." Dove Said, Shoving Gail back into a second cell and Whent upstairs.

Gail self-repaired her gatling gun, then she activated her smoke-screen device in her palms and the entire room was covered in smoke and the sound of bars being sliced and falling onto the floor. When the smoke cleared she was gone, only the missing bars on the cell doors missing.

Dove ran downstairs "%*@&!!!!!" Screamed Dove. The smoke cleared. "Well..... This sucks." Said Simma as she walked downstairs.

Then out of nowhere explosions appeared in the room, it both threw Dove and Simma across the room, Dove was the first to slam into the wall and Simma lands on Dove afterwards.

Simma said the chant to call her famaly. "Dove, i'm scared!" Simma yelled. "We're here." Mother Nature said. Dove made a force feild around them. the smoke from the expllosion cleared the room. "Gail" was all Dove said.

At the top of the tower, the door explodes to debris, and Gail turns off her camoflauge system, her back sprouted jet wings and took off and was gone. She disappears into the city.

Doves eyes turned white. She was looking fo Gail. she had this abilaty to track metal objects. it was diffacult because there was lots of metal in the city.

Gail makes it back to her car, and she armed herself with two AK-47's, two M-16's with grenade launchers, an M60 machine gun, an Minigun, a FLASH launcher, two RPG launchers, four MAC-10's with silencers, an M79 grenade launcher, and other firearms with ammunition and was prepared for war against Dove.

Dove, along with Simma an her famaly. "Dude, i already returned the money to the bank, and i desided to make the prison cell like heaven for you so why dont tyou just come with me? You will only be locked up for 10 years. In HEAVEN." Dove had said to Gail

Gail stood in the middle of the street with her trenchcoat on over her outfit and the shades over her eyes.

"No chance." Gail replied as she drew out an M-16 assault rifle and an AK-47, both equipped with grenade launchers, maximum ammo capacity, and laser sightings and fired them both at Dove, Simma, and her family.

Dove blocked the family, and said "Oh come on!!!!" and launched the roof of the Croidile lounge cafe at her. "ima thinkin about a movin!" said the itallian owner.

Gail dodges the roof and continues firing while running in a zigzag motion.

"Zigzags slow you down!" then, time stopped. Father Time had done it. Dove put handcuffs on Gail, but strangly, The robot was still able to move! However, her weapons would not work. Dove could not use her powers. The couldnt even throw punches, or kick! whenever thay tried, an invisable forse stopped them.

'"Hmm" Gail mumbled to himself and then she unleashes her electric charge that sends a shockwave 30 feet away, knocking Dove to the ground.

"Knock it off." Dove said, getting back up.

"Boo Hoo." Gail said in a mocking voice as she continues firing her two weapons.

She easily dodges them. "Sigh." she grabs her hammer and smashes Gail's head in. Her circuits go 'tzzzz', and begin to spark

Gail though dizzy by Dove's hammer manages to regain herself and scrambled to retrieve her guns.

There where several Doves, and a strange new Character. "Hi!" she chimed.

Gail retrieves her guns and sees several of Doves and she fires the grenade launchers at them and they exploded.

Six more appeared. Gail Destroys the six, they explode, and five more apppear. the pattern goes on, until there is none leaft. those where just clones. the real Dove was at the tower. Nouriu would handle Gail now. She uses her Aura, wich is a giant, hot pink her. the Aura pickes Gail up, and slowly starts to crush her.

Gail sees Nouriu and fires her rail guns at her, knocking her onto the ground and the Aura releases Gail and she starts running to her car,

"Forget this crazy city! I'm outta here!!" Gail shouted as she jumps into the car, starts it and floors it. The car takes off.

In the passanger side, Gail see's Nouiuko. "Hay! Get out! this is my new car!" her blue Aura apperes and flings her out of the car to the mercy of Nouriu. Her energy rays apper, and becomee the enrgy lasso. it ties Gail up.

Gail discharges her rail gun in her leg, knocking Nouiuko out of ther car and taking the doors out as well, Gail jumps in and drives off but not before firing her custom Milkor MGL at her all ten cylinders.

"Awww crap." says both girls at the same time, as they are defeated. Gail has won this battle, but not the war.