April 2010: The state of Arizona passes an Anti-Immigration law making Mexican immigrating to America against the law unless they register with the US Government and to have registration documents in their possession at all times. This caused a clash between Mexico, the illegal Mexicans and US Democrats which lasted for many months.

June 3rd: Citizens of Arizona also voted against same-sex marriages and also attempts to get the Anti-Gay law be passed.

January 19th, 2012: Lamar Smith loses his job as senator after attempting to censor the internet with SOPA and PIPA and also trying to enforce copyright aggression on the US citizens.

November 5th: Obama wins his second term in office and the US Government turns down the Anti-Immigration law and the Anti-Gay law as it violates human rights for immigrants and for Freedom of Speech for the LGBT. This was the victory for the Mexicans and the Gays but for the Citizens of Arizona this cause an explosion of anger that raged through the entire state.

November 11th: Many White Supremacy groups lead many assault wars against Illegal Mexicans and the LGBT from raiding and destroying their homes to executing them.

November 29th: As the riots against Mexicans continues as the Governor and the Arizona Law Enforcement tries to maintain order. The US Congress discusses to encourage the Governor of Arizona to enforce Martial Law in order to maintain peace. Unfortunately this backfires and causes the State of Arizona to secede from the Union in secret thus creating the Republic of Arizona.

December 1st: US government suspects strange activities in the west coast and the FBI sends agents down there to investigate.

December 4th: Several FBI agents were sent back to Washington D.C. dead with messages tied to their bodies that said 'The Price of Illegal Immigrants'.

December 5th: The states of New Mexico and Utah seceded to the Republic of Arizona after promising to rid the states of Illegal immigrants and to preserve the American Way of Life. The State of California were against the Republic of Arizona due to its Anti-LGBT and protest against it.

February 3rd, 2013: Oregon, Idaho and Washington states became part of the Arizona Republic; they tried to convince Texas into joining with them but refused because of their loyalty to the United States Government despite their own problems with immigrations.

February 15th: Arizona claims Nevada as part of the republic but causes the US government to step in and force Arizona to stop the secession. But they responded by firing upon the US National Guard, therefore sparking off the Second American Civil War.

June 8th, 2014: The civil war raged for over a year but neither side got the advantage despite of advanced technology and armed forces.

August 21st: The State of Texas begins to feel sympathetic for the Republic of Arizona and lead an surprise attack on the unsuspected US armed forces and joined forces with Arizona.

December 21st: After months of fighting the US surrenders and Arizona and Texas gains their independence from the Union and Texas became the Republic of Texas.

December 22nd: The Arizona Republic and the Texan Republic made all Immigrated Mexicans and the LGBT illegal and are either arrested and serve life in prison or executed. They also took over the United States Border Patrol after they closed the borders on Mexico and renamed them the Arizona Republic Border Patrol and the Texan Border Patrol while they build an stronger border against Mexico.

December 31st: The Republic of Arizona broadcasts the truth about Area 51 and the alien crash in Roswell therefore shaming the US Government for lying to its citizens.

January 2nd, 2015: The New Republic of Texas claims states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and much of New Mexico became part of Texas. But it caused a little tension with the Arizona Republic.

January 4th: California becomes a republic and treats LGBT, Mexican and Chinese all equal.

January 5th: The two republics managed to find truce therefore avoiding war with each other as they began their cold war against the Republic of California.

January 10th: The economy of the United States of America grows worse during the second Obama Administration and Canada and the European Union agrees to help their American neighbor through the hard times while many citizens renounce their US citizenship and moved to Texas, Arizona and California.

January 19th: The Arizona and Texas armies grow technology stronger and more advanced thanks to the discoveries in Area 51.

March 15th: Mexico sells Baja California to the ROC.

November 9th: Both republics declared war on Mexico for illegal immigrated to the United States. They crossed the border and the Texas and Arizona air forces bombed many towns and cities near the border.

November 24th: Arizona and Texas occupies northern part of Mexico and placed the Mexicans into re-education camps to teach then English and not illegal immigrating over the border.