November 2011: The United States government announces the bill SOPA as part of ways to stop future terrorist attacks but in reality only promotes strict copyrights laws on the internet.

January 18th, 2012: Many websites protested SOPA with huge success.

January 19th: Senator Lamar Smith, founder of SOPA announces he’s running in the 2012 presidential election. As the government continues their restless attempts to police the internet, users worldwide continue to protest against it, especially the American people.

January 30th: John Henry Campbell enters the election campaign and makes a speech about the true causes in the American Revolution and the real reason why America existed not to become a tyranny nation but a free nation.

April 26th, 2012: CISPA passes the House of Representatives and tensions continue to rise.

August 3rd: A freedom rights groups called the ‘Fires of Liberty’ hacked into companies of Viacom, Time Warner, the MPAA and the RIAA and erased their money transactions, forcing them into bankruptcy. Then they claimed their attacks as a ‘Rightful response to Corporate/Copyright Aggression’.

August 5th: The protest in Los Angeles escalated into a riot after a police shot and killed one of the protestors and the people ganged up on the cop. Riots soon spread to other cities across America.

August 12th: Lamar Smith is assassinated during one of the speech on the riots and the possibilities of SOPA to protect the American people.

August 29th: John Henry Campbell points out how the bills of SOPA, CISPA and ACTA created by irresponsible corporates and government officials affected America.

September 8th: The riots begin to die down but protests continued on.

September 11th: The U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Libya is attacked, resulting in four deaths, including that of J. Christopher Stevens, the United States Ambassador to Libya in response to an inflammatory video, Innocence of Muslims.

September 12th: John Henry Campbell makes a speech on the Middle East of their behavior against the west since before 9/11.

October 18th: An anonymous person tips off the Fox News team with proof about the candidate Lamar Smith and the NSA’s involvement of the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963 to the duping Israel to attack the USS Liberty and having full knowledge of the 9/11 attack in 2001 and chose to let it take place in order to inspire fear in the American people and used it to police the nation. And also have proof that the government and Corporate America have been suppressing inventions including the plans of bio-fuel in order to keep oil companies on top. And finally the dark and terrible truth about the Ronald McDonald House Charity chains in big cities are involved of black market organ/blood harvesting ring which help funded Obama’s 2012 presidential election campaign as well as the Clinton Foundation. The organ ring is backed up by mega-corporates such as Viacom, Hasbro, and Rorke Oil Industries.

Hillary Clinton was also exposed with advanced knowledge of the Benghazi attack and deleted emails form her private email account.

October 30th: Hilary Clinton was killed after a bomb exploded in her car with her inside.

November 3rd: Barack Obama withdraws from the election in disgrace and later commits suicide.

November 6th: John Henry Campbell wins by a landslide and becomes the 44th president.

November 7th: The Republican-Democratic parties, the FBI, CIA, NSA and Corporate America are exposed and humiliated. The FBI disbands and is reformed as the ABI, the CIA gets new directors as the NSA is forbidden to spy on their own people. The McDonald fast food chain/economy collapsed within a week around the world.

November 13th: The two-party system is removed and the Liberty Party is established and became the sole party in America as it focuses on making America the nations the Founding Fathers wanted it to be since the Revolution.

November 14th: JHC passes ‘The Green Act’ which converts garbage into bio-fuel for transportation.

November 27th: The 28th Amendment is made which protects the original Bill of Rights. And the 29th Amendment is made to enforce the 28th Amendment.

December 21st: The United States of America avoids an economic collapse and depression and the green fuel raises the US Economy up to 150 times greater than normal. Oil and Tobacco companies’ collapses as all of their products are either obsolete and/or illegal. Companies of the Entertainment Industries are given restrictions forbidding them to enforce corporatism on the American people and on the internet. Green Fuel, Cold Fusion, Tesla power and Solar/Wind power picks up, replacing Oil, Coal and Nuclear energy in the nation as well as most of the nations in the world.

December 27th: The 30thth Amendment is made, making Corporatism nearly extinct

January 3rd, 2013: With a month, the green fuel is sold to Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa and the European Union.

February 4th: The Middle East sees the green fuel as the ‘Seeds of Evil of the West’ and vows to destroy the ‘Enemies of Allah’ once and for all.

February 15th: Iran has constructed over 200 missiles with Multiple independently targetable reentry nuclear warheads and plans to launch them on Israel first, then Russia, Europe and the United States which will cripple the nation completely.

February 16th: The New CIA discovers Iran’s plans and sends a warning to Israel and instructs them to shut off all electronica equipment. Israel does so on the next night Iran launches almost twenty nukes in the air and US satellites fired a few EMP pulses over the Middle East, shutting off all electronics and the nukes dropped from the sky and landed within the Middle East, not only devastating several cities but destroying many oil fields.

February 18th: JHC makes another speech on the Middle East after they devastated themselves with nukes on how unstable the Middle East’s been against the West and Israel and declares the Middle East (save for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Yemen, Oman, Egypt and the UAE) to be sealed off from the rest of the world. The United Nations approves this and the sealing of the Middle East begins.

February 20th: UN forces initiated martial law in the Middle East despite violent protests as the walls on the borders are being built and the mines are being placed. Russia gives Georgia full protection.

February 25th: Israel, with the help from the UN, annexes the Palestine territories, Jordon, and the Sinai part of Egypt.

March 30th: The Second Russian Civil War breaks out after southern Russia became the Union of the Soviet Confederacy and attacks the Russian Federation.

April 12th: The terrorist group the ‘Seventh Wave’ is formed and committed acts on Russia, China, Africa, parts of South America and in the Middle East during the walls being built.

May 3rd: The United States enforces the immigration on illegal Mexicans which caused tensions between the US and Mexico which lasted for weeks.

May 29th: The relations between the United States and China begin to strain over China owing money for the products.

June 2nd: The US rounded up the illegals and sent them back to Mexico after the President leaves the UN over Immigration issues and both nations close their borders. The Security wall begins construction across the US/Mexican border. Reactions are mixed in both America and Mexico.

July 4th: The 31st Amendment making Islam no longer protected by the First Amendment.

June 8th: China becomes the next superpower and the Second Cold War begins.

July 10th: All of the Radical Muslim immigrants are rounded up and sent to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. But the big remainder were allowed to stay after they renounced their religion faith.

November 26th: President JHC establishes the Three-Party system with the Liberty Party, the New-Republican Party and the Common Party.

March 8th, 2014: The Second-Korean war begins.

October 24th: The Second-Korean War ends with US/South Korean victory and North Korea collapses and later absorbed by South Korea, renaming the United Republic of Korea.

March 18th, 2015: 95% of the vehicles are converted into ‘Green Fuel’ vehicles and vessels.

April 15th: The rival between the US and Brazil begins as they have a similar idea of ‘the green fuel’ of their own made from Sugar Canes. However it never escalated into bitter enemies.

April 18th: Brazil’s ‘Green Fuel’ is sold to its neighboring countries of Argentina, Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Gyuana.

May 29th: Security between the US/Mexican borders is completed.

August 10th: US Army Fort David, Air Force Fort Ripper and the town of Frankville, VA were transported to the land of Equestria after an experiment attempt at the base went wrong.

September 4th: The sealing of the Middle East is complete.

October 24th: The base’s scientist team along with the ponies managed to build a gate that opens a portal back to their world and tried to transport the three displaced structures back but ended up pulling British Army Fort Shield.

December 16th: The Russian Civil War ends when the USC is crushed and most of the leaders are captured and executed.