Prelude to the Revolution

September 11th, 2001: Al-Qaeda hijacks four planes and flown two of them in the Twin Towers in New York City, one in the Pentagon and the fourth was retaken by passengers and crashed into the plains in Pennsylvania. Starting off the War on Terror.

September 13th: The US Government secretly begins “Project Odin’ and continues until 2008.

May 1st, 2011: Osama Bin Ladin is killed.

November 16th: The United States government announces the bill SOPA as part of ways to stop future terrorist attacks but in reality only promotes strict copyrights laws on the internet.

January 18th, 2012: Many websites protested SOPA with huge success.

January 19th: Kim Dotcom, founder of a website Megaupload is arrested for ‘Mass Copyright violation’ despite of successful protest and the fact that Kim was not in the US at the time of his arrest.

April 26th: CISPA passes the House of Representatives and tensions continue to rise.

November 6th: Barack Obama wins second term in office.

February 16th, 2013: Hasbro Inc. makes changes of one of their shows ‘MLP: FIM” which caused tensions not within the fandom but their views towards corporates.

February 19th: The division between the Upper Class and Middle/Lower Class continues to expand.

June 10th: Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden disclosed classified information to the media on the US’ NSA surveillances programs on American citizens as well as countries of close allies of the US and fled to Hong Kong and then Russia. Tensions between the US and some of its close allies after they revealed the US had spied on countries as well as thirty-five world leaders for ‘spying on their allies’. June - September: Peaceful Protests against the Federal Government were either arrested and/or executed by the Feds and the truths of these incidents were covered up by the Far-Left.

October 1st: Government shuts down after Obamacare is passed and the shutdown lasts for weeks. Tensions between the American people and the US Government and Corporates continue to grow.

November 1st: During Obama’s second term in office, the US has secretly continued to build nearly 40’000 drones armed to the teeth with advanced weapons for the armed forces during the drone attacks on the Middle East. They also secretly built and launched a Weapon Satellite system named ‘Project Odin’ armed with a laser cannon and a payload of 4’000 kinetic projectiles capable of firing down to their designated targets on earth as well as small enough to be stored within the satellite. The Government intends to use them to enforce order in the US in case of an uprising. But these purchases of parts and weapons for the droves have raised the National Debt Ceiling further.

Second American Revolution

November 5th, 9:55 am ET: Three shuttles for the satellite ‘Odin’ with a payload of thirty crewmen for inspection. But as they boarded the crewmen hijacked the satellite in three areas and killed off the crew of Odin up to the control room. Afterwards the leader uploads the virus onto the Satellite’s main controls, giving the unknown hacker full control and soon spreads to the others such as the EMP satellites, television satellites and Homeland Security, and then it spreads through all of the drones built by the US. ‘Operation: Act of God’ begins with the Phase One: Hacking...

10:00 am ET: Companies of Viacom, WMG, Time Warner, the MPAA, RIAA and Hasbro Inc. were attacked via website hacking and all of the data from the companies were stolen from the hard drives as well as having their investments and savings erased, sending them into economical panic.

10:15 am: The hackings continue to spread all over the nation, Google Inc. is attacked as well along with various oil, tobacco and fast-food companies.

10:30 am: Federal websites of NSA, FBI and CIA are hacked, uploading the virus which also robs them of their data and crashing them in the progress.

11:59 am ET: Phase Two begins.

12:00 pm ET: Pawtucket, Rhode Island: The hacked drones begin a series of attacks across the US. Hasbro Inc. was the first target as it devastated the Headquarters, killing every CEO and employees.

New York City, NY: Headquarters of Viacom, Time Warner and the Warner Music Group are destroyed by swarms of drones . Washington DC: The Nation capitol becomes a battleground as headquarters of the MPAA, RIAA, FBI and Homeland Security are destroyed and the CEO’s and employees were either killed or wounded. The IRS headquarters is attacked as well. President Obama, his family, Vice President Biden and the staff retreated to the underground panic room as the CIA headquarters in George Bush Center for Intelligence Langley, Fairfax County, Virginia; the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, and Google Inc. in Mountain View, California were devastated along with various tobacco, oil and fast-food companies across America.

12:30 pm ET: The drones also attacked Anti-American organizations such as the World Can’t Wait, The Muslim movement and the University of Maine in Farmington for their discretion of the American flag.

12:50 pm: Phase Three begins with Odin firing down Lasers and Kinetic projectiles on various facilities belonging to the FBI, CIA and NSA, extremely crippling them. Act of God is completed and the US Government and most corporations of America were severely devastated by the attacks. The only death tolls were CEO’s and employees of the organizations and companies, the injured were countless.

November 6th: 9:00 am ET: President Obama opens the conference on the attack only to have the broadcast interrupted by a black dressed, masked figure and hijacked it all of the stations. He calls himself The Patriot and his army the ‘New Sons of Liberty’ and gave his speech on how government lies affects people if believed for too long. Then he admits the attacks he unleashed but makes a correction that the attacks were against the US Government and Corporate America who has used their own people as guinea pigs for their own twisted agenda and reveals the truth about the attacks on September 11th twelve years ago that the US Government was fully aware of the attacks a week earlier but chose not to prevent it and let it take place. He accuses the Government for using the attacks as an excuse to police the people in America with fears of future attacks as well as passing bills like SOPA, CISPA and ACTA to not only make the American people think they will be safe but to make Corporates richer without remorse and without ‘fan-art’ and ‘fan-fiction’ as a clear threat to them.

He also exposed the arrests and executions of American protests made by the government as well as accusing the Government and the Far-Left for promoting Political Correctness in America.

He claims these attacks were the fatal blow against the fascist police state and urges the American people to take a stand against corrupted and rich government officials and corporates for using fear to control them, Political Correctness for corrupting US History and retake America back and restore it to its former glory.

9:15 am: Protests began in major cities in response of the Government’s lies about 9/11 which lasts for five days.

12:30 pm: Several nations withdrew from the United Nations after the truth was revealed about the US Government as well as half of Congress left to side the American rebellion.

November 10th: President Obama declares martial law and sends the military police to enforce it only to erupt in violent riots which begins to spread across the nation.

Sparking off the Second American Revolution as citizens took up arms against the crippled US government. Washington DC is the only city to have martial law enforces successfully.

November 13th: US Armed forces are withdrawn from the Middle East to quell the revolution but made common causes with the American people.

November 15th: Mutiny spread through most of the ranks as they side with the rebels for trying to shoot down their own people for their government’s lies. The mutineers supply the rebels with weapons and supplies, turning major cities into battlegrounds. The US government unable to react as all of their surveillance intelligence is crippled and NASA is unable to retake Odin and the Drones as every shuttle they launch ends up being blasted out of the sky.

November 19th: The UK, Russia, Australia and the French Foreign Legion aid the New Sons of Liberty with more weapons, supplies and troops, within a week several states are retaken, which enrages the US Government. Debates from the remains of Congress are arguing over the uses of Nuclear Weapons in order to enforce law and order in America but was turned down. Obama secretly recruits many people who support corporatism (most from the MLP fandom) into hopes of bringing the New Sons of Liberty down but they were killed by two drone strikes, killing Obama’s chances of stopping the New Sons of Liberty.

November 25th: President Obama strikes a deal with presidents Enrique Peña Nieto, Xi Jinping and Raúl Castro to aid the US Government in retaking America in exchange for Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California to the United Mexican States and Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho and Northern California to extend the Chinese Empire as well as Florida to Cuba. But the New Sons of Liberty managed to get word about it and report it to their allies.

November 27th, 11:30 am: Mexican, Chinese and Cuban forces are prepared to attack the American rebels but the Patriot has planned ahead on their forces and fires several EMP blasts over the Pacific and The Caribbean Sea and shutting down their navies, leaving them stranded and under attack under allied navies supported by the hijacked drones while the rest are destroyed by the combination of Odin’s Laser/Kinetic strikes.

12:45 pm: Many Mexican force units are wiped out by Odin’s strikes as well as few cities and towns near the border and two towns and a military base in Cuba and one of China’s nuclear power plants. Mexico, China and Cuba calls off the deal.

December 5th: President Obama issues nuclear strikes on American cities and one final attempt to retake Odin. They believed the nuclear silos are left unharmed as technicians checked the systems and find nothing wrong. But they were hacked and hidden to fool the technicians into thinking they’re OK. As they prepare to launch the missiles and the virus takes over and prevents the silo doors from opening and the missiles are disabled, neutralizing its nuclear supply.

December 9th: A small EMP blast knocks out the electronics in Washington DC. The citizens overcome the martial law and overthrow the remaining government. The New SOL army arrives and crushes the remaining army. Obama makes a full unconditional surrender and America is finally liberated. Obama is impeached and stood trial. He was found guilty for crimes against the American people and internet users worldwide and is sentenced to death. The execution method was a slow and painful one in revenge for every crime he committed during his years in office. His execution was broadcasted on live TV. Obamacare is fully removed as well as SOPA, CISPA, ACTA and PIPA from Congress and a Three-Party System is installed with the New Republican, New Democratic and Liberty parties taking off, Ron Paul becomes president without votes as The Patriot claims the elections was sabotaged for Obama to win, and new laws are being placed to enforce the US Constitution. But Ron Paul suffers a heart attack after almost two months in office, Jack Ryan is sworn in office.


December 10th: America celebrates the success of the Second American Revolution, but the price was very high as it devastated major cities and companies. People like Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Larson and Westboro Baptist Church were killed during the Revolution by either rebels or looters using the war as an opportunity. Companies like Disney, Verizon, AT&T and others were hit by the hackings but were spared from the drone attacks. Companies of Viacom, Time Warner, WMG and Hasbro fully collapsed and their chain studios became independent companies, Tobacco and Oil companies collapsed after the rise of ‘Environmental Bio-Fuel’ aka 'Green Fuel' which lowered the National Debt completely and bringing it out of the Economic Collapse.

Corporatism became extinct as well as the Upper Class of America but Capitalism was balanced.

December 11th: America begins the reconstruction of the country; nations who helped the New Sons of Liberty helped out the reconstruction of America.

July 1st, 2016: Reconstruction of America is complete. The new US severs relations with Mexico, forcing the president to end the ‘United Mexican States’ name and builds a huge wall on the US/Mexican border. Relations towards China also ends.

November 20th: The wall is completed and the future faces possible outcomes to not only affect the New America, but the rest of the world.

Approaching Storm

2013 – 2016: Reconstruction of the United States begins after the Second American Revolution. During the reconstruction, the United States closed their borders on Mexico and built the wall along the border. Relations with China and Mexico ends. Troops from both the United States and Europe are being withdrawn from the Middle East save for Israel. During this time, Political Correctness is outlawed and nearly 95% left America to Canada, the European Union, China, Mexico, and the Middle East. February 20th: Russian President Vladimir Putin was ousted for attempting to invade Ukraine as well as his attempt to use his position to gain full power. Those in the Kremlin with histories during the days of the Soviet Union were also ousted and replaced with improved versions and became an ally to the West.

March 1st, 2014: The US demands Iran to cease production in the nuclear programs but Iran refuses and responds by aiding Libyan pirates to hijacking a cargo ship and detaining escort ships bound for Israel and hold them hostages until America bends towards Iran. America responds by sends in the Navy SEALS and Marine Corps to eliminate the pirates and liberate the hostages and the Delta Force units captured three of Iran’s nuclear facilities while ‘The Patriot’ destroys one of them and threaten to destroy all of them as well as its oil fields if they continue to refuse. Iran folds, releases the hostages and ceased its nuclear deal. The Patriot appears and destroys one of Iran’s nuclear facilities and threatens to fire more on their oil fields if they refuse. Iran finally ceases.

March 16th: The United Nations scolds America for the act and says the UN was designed for peace and Compromise. But America accused the UN for kissing up to the enemies and says they only did it to not only protect America, but to protect Israel and the free world. However the UN President refused to listen.

April 17th: Canada continues their trade for China.

April 21st: After a month of heated debate and protests from the American people, the United States of America votes to leave the United Nations. Israel follows on the same day. Within a few months, nations of Britain, Ireland, Australia, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and South Africa left the United Nations, the rest either left or remained. Nations like Canada and the European Union stayed and the new Headquarters is established in Paris, France. June 1st: The Coalition of Allied Nations is formed, with America as its founder and Israel, Britain and Ireland Co-founders. Australia, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, South Africa, Liberia, Brazil, the Bahamas, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru and the Philippines became members of CAN.

August 20th: The Green Bio-Fuel becomes economically popular almost worldwide. The USA, Canada, The European Union, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Liberia, Kenya, South Korea, Brazil, The Bahamas, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, Peru and French Guiana are top members of the Bio-Fuel. Meanwhile, China becomes the next superpower after years of money given by Corporate America in the past and the continuing money flow from Canada.

October 18th: China annexes Mongolia which caused tensions between China and Russia.

March 12th, 2015: The Cuban Militant declares Guantanamo Bay prison a seed of evil and raided the prison. The warden in of the prison orders all of the prisoners to be executed and almost all of them are killed before the prison is overrun. June 5th: The Japanese Corporates known as the Zaibatsu have taken control of the Japanese government. They’re friendly to the public as well as CAN. However they plan to build up the Japanese economy higher than the United States and to lead the world as a next superpower. However their goals must remain hidden from the public eye.

November 6th: Nations of Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and India suffer from economic collapse and purges into chaos.

March 3rd, 2016: The Second Korean War begins as North Korea becomes desperate during the economic chaos and attempts to invade South Korea and attack America with nuclear missiles but the missile attacks are thwarted by EMP blasts made by ‘The Patriot’ who managed to detected missiles in the air and not before sending the cancellation codes to the missiles, which dropped harmlessly into the ocean (and later recovered) and fires several Kinetic Rod strikes on North Korea’s army reserves, crippling the KPA.

March 5th: Odin fires the laser across the two Korea’s largest mine field to pave a highway for American/Korean forces as well as against its ships, crippling the entire Korean People’s Navy.

March 12th: The Second Korean War ends with American/Korean victory. North Korea is completely dissolved and united by South Korea, forming the United Korean Republic. September 8th: Millions of Muslims are rounded up in America, Britain and Australia and are sent back to the Middle East. Only Canada and the European Union shows sympathy to the Muslims, Chinese and Mexicans. The Liberal Parties in both Canada and the European Union begins to grow.

September 19th: The Coalition of Allied Nations switch sides with Israel’s full support and removed all of the Palestinian from Israel and into the Middle East. Anti-Semitic and Anti-American continues to increase as the chaos continues.

November 26th: Former Cuban president Fidel Castro dies at the age of 90.

January 13th, 2017: The oil companies of Nippon Oil and Idemitsu Kosan Co Ltd managed to get oil flowing in Japan with the help of the Zaibatsu party.

March 15th: Two 9.0 magnitude earthquakes struck the east of the Oshika Peninsula of Tōhoku and Okushiri, Hokkaido. It was worse than the Tohoku Earthquake in March 11th, 2011. The Earthquakes and Tsunamis devastated the areas, a total of 18,086 people were killed, 6.948 injured and almost 3,000 missing. But the worst was yet to come, The Hokkaido Refinery and the Nippon Oil Refinery were devastated in the earthquake and over 400,000 barrels of oil were set ablaze from the results. Five nuclear power plants suffered from nuclear meltdowns.

March 17th: The Coalition of Allied Nations sends food and supplies to the victims of the disasters. During this, the Japanese people accused the Zaibatsu party of improper handling of the disasters. The Zaibatsu party took several dents of the incident and their plans to make Japan strong were set back by a few years. During these times, the denial of its war crimes during World War II begin to decrease as teachers realized the grim reality and see the disasters as ‘divine retributions’. Although it wasn’t easy as they’ve been hiding it for such a long time with help of Zaibatsu corporates as well as military commanders of the war, but in time, the actual history of Japan during WWII is taught.

April 20th, 2018: The current president of Iran dies of a heart attack and Islam-Extremist Mahdi Hussein Muhammad takes office without vote and reforms Iran with his speeches against America and Israel.

July 7th: India falls into chaos after the government collapses and later annexed by China.

October 5th: The Libyan government collapses after the Presidential HQ by rebels. Others follow throughout the Middle East.

January 18th, 2020: Muhammad sees this as an opportunity and sends his messages a dream for Islam’s future and the holy war against the West for the pain they’ve caused in the past. During the five months, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, the UAE, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are annexed in the new Islam union renaming it the United Islamic Republics. Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania are later annexed in late July. Muhammad orders ‘internet isolation’ so that the rest of the world is unaware of the rise. Any former Americans that arrived in the Middle East were captured and executed to spread Anti-West Propaganda.

January 19th: The Liberal Parties gained favor and seized power in Canada and the European Union. Britain and Ireland left the European Union as it is divided up politically.

February 5th: China annexes Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and most of South-East Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia and New Guinea. The Idemitsu Kosan oil company’s plans for exploration projects in those countries were lost, the oil companies takes several dents in the aftermath.

This caused tensions between the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Australia against China which lead to the Second Pacific war.

February 6th: Chinese forces lands on the shores of Ishikawa and Fukui. The Japanese Defense Force, weaken from the cutbacks, were unable to hold them back.

February 8th: The United States, the UK and Russia support the nations against China with supplies and weapons while Canada and the European Union protests it.

February 14th: The CAN forces, helped pushed back the Chinese from Japan.

February 20th: Rumors from Israel, Russia and the UK that the Middle East is continuing to grow in a rapid pace during the five months and hostilities are increasing but the European Union and the corrupted United Nations dismisses it as nothing but news of the wastelands. The US is unable to spy on them after the Second American Revolution dissolved the NSA but kept an eye on them during the Second Pacific war.

May 2nd: Mexico and Cuba merged into the Latin American Federation and annexed Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and Nicaragua into the Federation. Esteban Hernández becomes president.

April 18th, 2021: The Second Pacific war ends and Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines remain independent from China. But tensions continue to rise in the Pacific and the ‘Second Cold War’ between the United States and China begins, taking all attention off of the Middle East. Navies in the Philippines, Japan, Korea and Taiwan increased.

The Zaibatsu party once again is panned by the Japanese people for their sluggish response to defend Japan from the actual threat. This, combined with the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disasters as well as hackers revealing their plans to grow into a superpower to challenge the west to the public. The Zaibatsu became so unpopular that emergency elections were held in May.

By the end of the month, the Zaibatsu lost all power and faded from existence.

During that year, the next generation virtual reality headset NerveGear is announced to the public. At the same time,Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) and U.S. Army start developing training software utilizing the NerveGear together.

June 2nd: The UIR and China forms the ‘United Hegemony Alliance’.

June 29th: Venezuela’s government is overthrown with a coup and the United Republic of Venezuela is created.

August 5th: The UHA supports resistance leader Joseph Kony into taking Uganda and annexed Sudan in the New Uganda Republic.

August 10th: The New Uganda Republic becomes a member of the ‘Hegemony’.

September 1st: The Colombian Government collapses due to increase war on drugs and is annexed by Venezuela.

November 17th: The Latin American Federation becomes a member of the ‘Hegemony’ alliance. The UHA begins training for the next eight years.

November 20th: Chairman Mahdi Hussein Muhammad starts constructions of statues of Mahmoud Taleghani, Ruhollah Khomeini, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Osama Bin Ladin.

December 26th: The statues are complete and Muhammad makes a speech on how these great heroes have made Iran possible and the future of the United Islamic Republic would make them proud.

May: the NerveGear is released to the market.

June 16th, 2022: The UIR annexes Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

November 5th: Sword Art Online sales in stores begin.

November 6th: The "Sword Art Online" incident begins after 10'000 players are trapped inside the game and will last for over two years.

April 9th, 2024: The URV becomes a member of the UHA.

May 25th: The nations of Sweden and Finland begin holding meetings to issue and emergency elections to leave the European Union.

November 7th: The "Sword Art Online" incident ends with around 6,000 remaining players are automatically disconnected after the deathtoll of 4'000 players. However 300 players still remained in the NerveGear coma.

January 20th, 2025: The "ALFiem Online" inicident begins when an man named Sugou Nobuyuki is responsible for taking the remaining 300 players and used them for his experiments. He also managed to hold a teenage girl Asuna Yuuki hostage within the game.

January 22nd, 7:30 PM: Employee Fuji Yamane and security guard Yuki Tsutano breaks into the facilities mainframe and found solid evidence on Sugou's plans, including a shocking video recording of Sugou himself molesting Asuna Yuuki.

8:00 PM: Sugou Nobuyuki survives the shock of the NerveGear and heads to the hospital where he attacks Kazuto Kirigaya, injuring him in the process which lead to a struggle between Sugou and Yuki. During the fight, Kazuto managed to kill Sugou with a knife throw to in the eye, killing him the process.

January 23rd - 28th: The Trial against Kazuto is held, but is halted by Fuji Yamane and Yuki Tsutano as well as the American/Japanese public who supported him as well as keeping him and Asuna together.

The evidence of Sugou's plans as well as the footage was released to the medias, the whole footage shocked the public. The whole thing was known in history as "The Sugou" incident. Investigation of him and the "Arranged Marriage" of the girl begins. However Canada, the European Union and several nations of the United Nations denied these events saying "No such video ever existed" and even went as far as comparing Asuna to the girls that started the Salem Witch Trials.

February 10th, 2025: Former employer of Sugou named Kenji Ueda attempted to kill Kazuto but managed to wound Yuki.

February 11th, 11:30: More evidence of Sugou's activities as well as the phone call exchanges between him and a woman with the name Kyouko Yuuki, the mother of Asuna as well as her obtaining NerveGear blueprints for him and paying Kenji to kill Kazuto. The support for Kazuto and Asuna increases tenfold.

February 18th: Evidence of Kyouko Yuuki was found and she was put on trial for acquiring blueprints of the NerveGear, knowledge and involvement of Sugou Nobuyuki's illegal experiments and attempted murder of Kazuto Kirigaya and found guilty and sentenced to 60 years in prison and the charges of Kazuto Kirigaya was dropped completely.

However, the People’s Republic of China has used these incidents in their propaganda against capitalism in the Coalition of Allied Nations. While America, Japan, Australia, Russia, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines builds up their forces to counteract with China’s.

May 31st: The People’s Republic of China’s armed forces has risen up to almost 600 million.

June 1st, 11:57 pm: The Navy SEALS team from the USS George W. Bush lead a raid on the Wilmott Rehab center near Yokohama and discovered an illegal research of using the NerveGear helmets to inject drugs into patients. The SEALs and a special ops unit called the “Ghost Faction” arrived and captured Ryuya Yuuya and took him on board of the Bush.

June 2nd: The ‘USS George W. Bush incident’ begins when the ships comes under attack from UN peacekeeper forces in two cargo ships, cruisers ships, planes and the Chinese-made Supercarrier the UNS Barack Obama. The conflict lasted for almost an hour ‘til the Japanese Self-Defense Force sends its destroyer ship the JSD Kirito armed with the Railgun and severally damages the Obama. A ceasefire is called and agrees to allow the remaining UN forces to leave. The Navy SEALS tried to board the sinking Obama to gather intelligence but unable to as its reactor explodes, taking the ship to the bottom before they can get close.

June 3rd: The Coalition of Allied Nations called this incident unacceptable and demands the United Nations pay reparations for it, but the UN denies this.

June 14th: The UN gives in and pays reparations to CAN.

July 3rd: The Coalition of Allied Nations holds a meeting in the US state of Hawaii to discuss on “Arranged Marriages” after the “Sugou incident”. After hours of debate, the act that bans arranged marriages is passed in CAN. It was also named the ‘Asuna Act’ after one of the victims Asuna Yuuki.

July 17th, 2026: Armed forces of both the UIR and China matches the US, Israel and Russia.

September 18th – November 6th: Tensions between Venezuela and their neighboring nations increased.

May – August 2028: Spies from the LAF, the UIR and China arrived in Canada and the European Union disguised as immigrants and managed to hack into the defense grids via computers by sneaking into former US bases to bypass America’s early warning systems as well as early warning systems for Europe, Canada, Russia and Australia.


September 11th, 2029, 8:26: World War 3 begins when the United Islamic Republics launches a surprise invasion of the United States of America as Islam troops overrun cities of New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Jersey City and Washington DC, with NYC being hit the hardest. The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, The New WTC towers and the WTC Memorial were either damaged or destroyed in New York City and the US President was killed, but the Vice President, most of the cabinet and their families are evacuated as Washington DC fell. The UIR pushed through the East Coast in blitzkrieg attacks, taking states of New York, Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina and Georgia as well as the rest of the East Coast ‘til they were halted by the US Army on September 17th. 9:45: The UIR also invaded Israel. The Israel Defense Force with stationed American and Russian soldiers fought against the Islamic forces.

September 12th, 9:00 am: The Latin American Federation, with Venezuelan volunteers, leads a series of attacks near the US Border, taking down the walls that sealed them from Mexico and passed through, taking cities and towns near the border. They pushed through the states of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, New Mexico, Florida and Kansas with armed forces from land and air as well as gunboats and transports going up the Mississippi River, taking cities and towns near the river ‘til September 16th. The LAF also invades Panama, taking control of the Bahamas and Panama, taking control of the Panama Canal.

September 12th, 11:45 am: China invades The United Korean Republic, Taiwan and the Philippines, crushing navy ships protecting them with the combination of air strikes, anti-ship missiles and submarine strikes.

September 13th: The Chinese launches an invasion of Japan and the Japanese, American and Australian forces manages to hold out but the Chinese broke through the frontlines. The remaining forces formed an defensive line around Tokyo in the mass evacuation of Japanese citizens and were taken to America, Australia and Chile. September 15th: The United Korean Republic, Taiwan and the Philippines fell under the Chinese.

September 16th: Israel is occupied after days of fighting, renaming it the ‘Republic of Palestine’. Many of the Israelites were evacuated and fled to countries of Russia, the UK and Ireland.

September 17th: China invades Alaska, the states of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, little half of Idaho and parts of British Columbia. Russia and Canada managed to hold back the Chinese invaders.

September 18th: The UIR invades the European Union from the south and destroys cities such as Venice and the Vatican City. Japan falls to the Chinese and placed Kyouko Yuuki in the puppet-government leader of the Chinese-controlled Japan. Everyone hated her as she was known for her crimes in the past and her wiliness to sell her own people out.

September 19th: China occupies Alaska, province of British Columbia and the Washington and Oregon states.

September 20th: The UIR invades and occupies Fredericton, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Quebec through the 26th.

September 24th: The UIR occupies Italy, Switzerland, France and most of Eastern Europe. Germany, Spain and Belgium managed to hold off. September 28th: Chairman Mahdi Hussein Muhammad, Chinese President Cheng Hui Chan and Federation President Castro celebrated their victories in the early days of the war.

October 2nd: Mahdi Hussein Muhammad orders a genocide on the Jewish and American citizens in the occupied zones from gunning down civilians to sentencing them to hard labor in the occupied zones as well as the burning of American flags to teaching citizens that America is home of the biggest mass murderers in history.

During the first two months, Americans and Jewish civilians suffered from Genocide, Mass Rape and Torture in Concentration Camps.

October 8th: The URV President Raul Castillo unleashes an invasion of Guyana, Suriname, Ecuador and the French Guiana and occupies them in days. Brazil declares war on Venezuela.

October 14th: China invades Australia from the north.

January 18th, 2030: American insurgents begin to fight back against the invaders in guerrilla warfare. In the east coast, a group of college students formed the insurgent group and called themselves “the New Minutemen”.

They soon discovered that the UIR have managed to reverse engineer the NerveGear technology and planned to send their own troops to help cripple the American economy in Free America in hopes of bringing them down. Kazuto and Asuna volunteers to go into the NerveGear world and confront the new enemy and reunites with their friends who are trapped in Occupied Japan. The battles of the World Seed will last in a couple of months or so while fighting against the occupiers and collaborators in the real world.

During their fights, they find a lone guerilla insurgent name Jack T. Preston, who managed to fend off the occupying forces on his own thanks to his hidden underground shelter in the middle of the woods where the New Minutemen are hiding which is stocked with food, water and weapons. The New Minutemen were confounded by Preston’s preparedness, but questioned how he managed to get prepared. They later found out in his journal that he himself was “The Patriot” who managed to lead America into the Second Revolution.

January 25th: Canadian military commanders staged a coup and overthrown the corrupted Canadian government, executed the president for his incompetence and replaces it with an improved version.

February 10th: The New Uganda Republic invades Ethiopia, Djibouti and Eritrea. Kenya declares war on the NUR.

February 26th: Sydney falls to the Chinese as they continue to push forward. The Australian government is moved to the island of Tasmania.

March 29th: Israel, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and the rest of the occupied nations followed as well while the armed forced of those nations continue pushing back.

April 14th: The UIR attempts to invade The United Kingdom but is thwarted by two weeks of successful navies and air force battles.

Liberation, Breakthroughs & Uprisings

June 15th, 2030: The UIR invades Senegal, Mali and Niger.

June 21st – 27th: Senegal, Mali and Niger are occupied by the UIR and invade Chad while the New Uganda Republic invades the Central African Republic, Somalia and Kenya.

July 10th: The New Minutemen are ambushed by the UIR guard brigades, Jason Jackson is killed and Jack Preston is fatally wounded but stays behind to allow the others to flee into the woods and rigged his bunker with explosives and manages to take out a large number of the brigade soldiers, sacrificing himself in the process.

July 18th: Bruce Jackson and Alan Grayson lead a two-man raid on the UIR headquarters near New York City to allow Andy, Kazuto and Asuna a chance to escape to Free America; they both sacrificed their lives in the process.

During this time, Kyouko Yuuki’s rule for China’s control of Japan has ended when she was assassinated by Japanese Resistance member Asada Shino aka Sinon.

July 22nd: The NUR occupies the CAR, Somalia and Kenya.

August 4th: The UIR and the NUR continue to push south of Africa but are slowed by fierce resistance.

August 16th: The UIR occupies northern parts of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin.

September 14th: The people of India are tired of China’s control over them and protests China. Taking Gandhi’s non-violent approach, millions of Indians stood in front of the Chinese Politburo headquarters in New Delhi. But the Chinese general orders all troops to open fire on the protestors. Men, women, and children were slaughtered on the streets of New Delhi.

September 16th: Indians learned about the New Delhi massacre rose up against the Chinese in a violent revolution.

October 4th: Several Indian rebel leaders created strongholds in the deep jungles of Madhya Pradesh while trying to gain control of the province. Others managed to remain hidden in several areas in India to continue fighting against the Chinese officials.

November 8th: The Chinese army manages to locate one of the rebels and massacred a few villages in the process.

November 22nd: Brazil pushes back Venezuelan forces.

December 12th: American forces and insurgents managed to push Islam, Mexican and Chinese forces back.

December 23rd: Panama insurgents aided by Brazil, over throws the LAF occupation and gains control of the Panama Canal.

January 22nd, 2031: Much of America and Canada is liberated although China still occupies Alaska, the UIR controls parts of the East Coast, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the LAF controls much of Texas, Louisiana, parts of Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

February 9th: The European nations begin pushing back the UIR forces and retaking France, Switzerland and the rest of Eastern Europe.

February 30th: Russia liberates parts of their nation as well as Kazakhstan and Georgia and launches navy forces to liberate Japan.

March 2nd: Australian forces and insurgents start pushing back and retaken much of the nation and cities, including Sydney through three months.

March 4th: Insurgents in New Zealand eliminates the Chinese occupation.

March 20th: The Indian Insurgents managed to push the Chinese back from Madhya Pradesh and reclaims parts of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Rajasthan.

March 23rd, 2031: Brazil continues to push Venezuelan forces back.

April 7th: The United Republic of Venezuela is crushed by Brazilian forces.

April 26th: American and Canadian forces liberates the rest of the East Coast, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Texas, Louisiana, parts of Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and finally Alaska from the UIR, the Latin American Federation and China. May 26th: Russia liberates Georgia and continues to push through the UIR, capturing Uzbekistan a few days later.

June 19th: Europe retakes Italy and the rest of Eastern Europe from the UIR. June 24th: American and Canadian forces liberated the Bahamas.

June 27th: American/Canadian forces then captures Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba in weeks.

July 5th: Australia pushes back the Chinese and begins to capture the Indonesian/New Guinea islands.

July 9th: Russia takes Mongolia from the Chinese.

July 18th: Russia liberates Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines from the Chinese and begin capturing the Indonesia islands.

July 29th: America pushes through Mexico.

July 30th: The nation of Africa, inspired by the successful liberations by America, Europe and Australia, forms a superpower nation, the Federated States of Africa with Pretoria as the capitol and begin pushing back UIR and Uganda forces.

August 7th: The Federated States of Africa retakes Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad, the Central African Republic and northern parts of Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo and Benin. August 18th: The FSA captures Uganda but Joseph Kony escapes to the Sudan. September 5th: American and Canadian forces invaded and captured Western Sahara and parts of Mauritania in a few days.

September 14th: Russia pushes through and captures Heilongjiang, Jilin, and parts of Inner Mongolia as well as parts of Xinjiang and Tibet.

September 30th: Chinese and the UIR located the super weapon Odin and launched several space shuttles to capture it. But the Patriot, who was trying to locate them via electronic devices, picked them up and repelled the capture with secret traps and weapons that caught the Chinese and the UIR by surprise. Then Odin launched several kinetic strikes on major oil fields in Saudi Arabia and Iraq as well as the UIR and China’s major nuclear facilities and China’s Three Gorge Dams. October 6th: Australian forces capture New Guinea and Indonesia with the help of Russia.

October 18th: Russia/Australian forces push through and capture South-East Asia.

October 29th: Indian insurgents, aided by Australian and Russian forces, finally liberates the rest of India, renaming it the New Republic of India.

November 15th: Citizens of China and the UIR are tired of their government’s suicidal and utterly pointless attacks against the United States, Europe, Australia, Russia and the new Federated States of Africa and rebels against their governments.

December 24th: Turkish and the UAE insurgents succeed of liberating parts of their territory from UIR control with the help of European and Russian forces.

Victory & Reconstruction

January, 2032: Revolts continue to spread in the UIR while most of them are put down while the USA continues to push through the Latin American Federation.

February 27th: The Islamic rule is overthrown by Turkish insurgents and European forces and the New Republic of Turkey is established.

March 6th: The Latin American Federation is crushed by US and Brazilian forces but President Hernández commits suicide to avoid capture.

March 14th: The people in Saudi Arabia rebels against the UIR.

April 2nd: The Federated States of Africa crushes the New Uganda Republic and Joseph Kony is captured and held in a POW camp as African forces aid insurgents in the Saudi Arabia.

April 18th: Egypt, aided by European and African forces is liberated, splitting the UIR in two.

April 29th: Saudi Arabia liberated from UIR control.

May 7th: Russia continues to push through China’s defenses in all directions. Chinese President Cheng Hui Chan orders all forces to hold the line.

May 20th: The patriot launches more Kinetic/Laser strikes on Chinese forces, crippling them and paving way for Russian forces to keep pushing.

May 24th: The UIR armed forces begin to thin out due to oil shortages, nuclear facilities disruptions, and uprisings throughout the UIR that leaves most of the army to silence them.

June 5th: Military forces, combination of the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa invade the UIR in all directions, despite resistances.

June18th: Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia fell to the Allied forces.

June 21st: The Allied forces liberated Israel from the UIR rule.

June 28th: China falls to Russia and Cheng Hui Chan surrenders to Russian forces.

July 12th: The FSA conquers Yemen and Oman.

July 2nd: Allied forces conquered Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Kuwait while Russia conquers Turkemenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan leaving only Iran. President Mahdi Hussein Muhammad orders all remaining forces to fight to the death to protect Iran.

July 3rd: Africa invades southern Iran while the rest of the allied forces push through the UIR defenses.

July 4th: Allied forces surrounds the capitol of Tehran and The US Flag flies over the palace when the building is captured, thus ending the war.

July 5th: Mahdi Muhammad, Cheng Hui Chan and Joseph Kony were found guilty for crimes against humanity and are sentenced to death.

July 10th: The Liberal Parties in Canada and the European Union begins losing full support as people blamed them for ignoring the growing threat in the Middle East and China as well as not notifying the United States about it. By the end of March, the Liberal Parties lost all power and the United Nations collapsed completely.

July 12th, 2032: Reconstruction begins.

July 13th: The Coalition of Allied Nations begins the disarming of the former UIR nations in the Middle East.

July 23rd: Uganda and the Sudan are annexed into the Federated States of Africa.

August 6th: Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt are annexed into the FSA.

August 16th: The People’s Republic of China collapses after citizens’ overthrows the former politburo and merged with Taiwan, reformed as the United Republic of China.

August 19th: The United States annexes Baja California, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic into the Union with the exception of the Bahamas.

August 29th: The Green Bio-Fuel is introduced to the Middle East as well to China and Mexico.

September 8th: Nations in Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East are restored.

September 13th: UIR insurgents in Northern Africa staged raids against African occupiers.

September 17th: Mexican insurgents, inspired by Libya’s resistance, fight back against the American occupiers.

October 1st: UIR insurgents in Iran and Iraq stages raids and assaults on the CAN occupiers but are quickly put down.

October 9th: UIR insurgents in Northern Africa surrender with the exception of Libya. The FSA increases martial law in Libya.

October 16th: The United States installs a military government in Mexico and suppresses any resistance made by insurgents.

December: By the end of the year Insurgents in Mexico and Iraq surrenders but Libya and Iran are locked in a struggle.

February 28th, 2033: The European Union becomes the United European Federation. March – May: Switzerland, Norway and the rest of Eastern Europe joins the new European superpower. Ukraine is left neutral for a while. May 29th: The New Indian Republic annexes Pakistan.

July 16th: Tensions between Europe and Russia over Ukraine.

August 3rd: Ukraine joins the European Federation and tensions died down.

March 15th, 2035: Reconstruction is complete and every nation in the world now runs on Green Fuel, making crude oil and nuclear energy obsolete. The three superpower nations, The United States of America, the United European Federation and The Federated States of Africa are on friendly terms to make a better future for mankind.


July 4th, 2040: The United States, The United European Federation and the Federated States of Africa proposed that mankind should take to the stars and colonize other planets.

July 6th: Plans of Terraforming goes underway.

May 17th, 2042: Occupation in Libya ends and becomes part of the FSA.

April 22nd, 2043: Islam has declined in the Middle East ever since the end of World War III and is replaced by Christianity. Only Iran remains as it remains under occupation.

2045: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen, and southwest of the Middle East (with the exception of Iran) merged with Israel, renamed the Holy Union.

2048: Terraforming science is discovered and technology is being constructed.

2050: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan merged into the Great Indian Union.

2052: Technology for Terraforming is developed and tested successfully in the Sahara Desert.

2054: Australia merged with New Zealand, Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia, forming the Oceania Union.

2055: Construction of Ships for space travel begins.

2056: Iceland and Greenland joins the United European Federation.

2058: Russia annexed Kazakstan into the Federation.

2059: The United Republic of China, Japan, the United Korean Republic and the Philippines merged into the Great Asian Union.

2060: Ships designed for space travel are completed.

2062: Terraforming of Mars and Venus begins. The stages of terraforming Mars is put in motion along with Venus. Several bases and headquarters were established all over Mars to oversee the operation of mankind's attempts to create a new moon for Mars while they handle with the Planet's soil. During the two years, the project manages to deorbit some comets and asteroids to generate sufficient heat to sends some genetically engineered organisms that manages to process large quantities of CO2 and the CFCs locked in the soil as well as sending down algae and fungi that can filter the new ocean and absorb radiation.

May 4th, 2063: The United States annexes Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas and most of Latin America into the Union.

2064: Terraforming on Mars was successful, but the process on Venus is taking longer.

May 10th: Nations in South America merged together into the South American Union.

May 29th: Canada joins with America and renamed United North America.

September 19th: The creation of Mars’ moon begins.

May 5th, 2065: Earth’s moon is established for smaller colonies from small cities to military posts.

February 18th, 2066: Mars’ moon is successfully created.

March 15th: Just as the scientists were about to give up, a comet came and collided with Venus. But it disperses much of the planet's atmosphere, adds enough moisture to form acidic seas, and speeds up its rotation to give it a day that matches earth’s year. Making terraforming Venus much easier.

April 3rd, 2069: Terraforming of Venus is complete, both Mars and Venus are capable of supporting life and the Nations begin colonizing both planets.

April 23rd: Nations of Columbia, Olympia, Jehovah, New Brazil, New Zimbabwe, New India, Kōtoku, New Tasmania and New Murom are established on Mars while nations of Libertaria, New Europa, Latania, New Oceania, Noachis, Novgorod, Suzaku, New Mapungubwe and Tanakh are establish on Venus.

April 24th: Construction of Towns, Cities, and transport systems begin while newly formed armies defended the constructions.

July 4th: 2076: The Tricentennial of the First American Revolution is celebrated,

2078: Towns, Cities, and transport systems are completed on both Mars and Venus and populations begin moving to both these planets.

2079: Plans to colonize Mercury is rejected due to extreme temperatures.

2086: Scouts being to set out to the outer Solar System and beyond.

2090: Technology has grown in the past thirty years.

2099: Mining facilities are established in the Asteroid Fields.

2145: Talks of merging into the Earth Union are being discussed.

2148: Strange activities are reported in many areas around Mars.

Worlds United

August 21st, 2150: Strange activities continue to grow across the nations of Mars. Columbian, Olympian, Zimbabwean and Muromian forces as well as other armed forces begin investigations.

August 23rd: Shocking discoveries were made for what the armed forces found. An underground civilization of ancient Martians. According to the witnesses, the Martians resemble humanoids only with pitch black skin, white hair and very perfect slim bodies.

Also the Martians have advanced technology compare with Earth’s technology. The Martian Queen disapproves them colonizing it for their purposes and vows to wage war on the Humans. But Princess Sayr’ihnee tries to reason with her mother as the humans Terraformed the planet and there is a possibility that everyone can co-exist. But the queen wouldn’t listen as the humans violated the sacred grounds.

September 5th: Martians lead several strikes on human towns and transportations that last for weeks to months. The Super-States on Earth increased security and armed forces on Mars.

March 4th, 2151: The conflict between the Humans and the Native Martians are halted to a stalemate. But the Martian Queen plans to use the Doomsday weapon on the planet Earth and enslave the humans on Mars. But Princess Sayr’ihnee decides that her mother has gone too far and defects to the humans and informs them of the Queen’s deadly weapon.

March 5th: The Earth’s Federations and Unions all united together into one Earth-Government named the ‘United Earth Republic’ to bring down the tyrannical Martian queen with the help of the princess and several Martian insurgence factions.

Earth Republic forces, aided by Martian insurgents lead a big raid on the palace and captured the weapon and the Queen. The Queen is overthrown and Princess Sayr’ihnee takes the throne as the new queen.

March 8th: The colony states of Mars are reunited into the ‘United Martian Kingdom’ with both Humans and Martians live in co-existence and peace. The nations of Venus united as well, becoming the “United Venus Federation’.

2152: Both Human and Martian technologies merged together to colonize other planets beyond the Solar System. Spaceships are equipped with faster flight speeds, reducing travels between Earth, Mars and Venus from months to days.

Moons of Jupiter, Saturn are made into more colonies from small cities to military outposts. Pluto is established into a military outpost for the Solar System. The Sol Alliance is formed.

2160: The exploration beyond the Solar System for both to colonize other planets and to seek life and civilizations.

Beyond the Stars

2162: The Solar Alliance, made up of the United Earth Republic, the United Martian Kingdom and the United Venus Federation, continues to send out exploration ships to colonize other planets and seek other civilizations across the Galaxy.

2165: The Sol Alliance built laser defense systems that circles around Earth, Mars and Venus. Its purpose is to protect the planets from meteors and rogue planets from collisions.

2165 – 2178: Planets that were discovered, either with life or terraformed were colonized by the Sol Alliance. While Mars seeks its own colony planets that were still in frozen hibernation and reawaken them.

During this time, citizens were offered to make claims of planets of their own and allowed home-rule. Islamic people in Iran saw this change and left Earth completely and managed to colonize and govern a planet name Ali. Islam began to rise up for the first time since the end of the Third Earth Civil War (formerly World War III) and seeks to spread its colonization on its neighboring planets in secret.

Atheist people also left earth and colonized/govern a planet named Athena.

2169: During the exploring/colonizing, the Sol Alliance fleet came across a planet called the Kingdom of Talon, which is under siege of the evil Gorgonian Empire. The SA fleet assisted the Talonians and fended off the Gordonians until they surrendered, signed a treat and left the planet alone. The people of Talon are described as orange/yellow-skinned, red-harried humanoids and they’re peaceful and kind.

August 29th: The Kingdom of Talon gained a seat in the Solar Alliance.

2180 – 2199: The Solar Alliance has colonized many planets as well as terraforming them. Many of these planets have governed themselves and are proud members of the Solar Alliance. However, several planets have called planets of their own and did not join the Sol Alliance.

2200: The Planet Ali, managed to colonize four planets so far and declared it the Holy Islamic Empire and remain a secret from the Solar Alliance while they plot their revenge for their humiliation from the Third Earth Civil War.

2204 – 2210: Political Correctness has seeped into the education system on the planet Athena for the first time since the Second American Revolution and the Third Earth Civil War which began to rise up since 2173.

The Solar Alliance trading systems have increased during the late 22nd Century, resources are recycled as well as various types of minerals and materials were discovered and/or created with the help of human/alien technology.

2219: The Holy Islamic empire colonizes several more planets.

2230: Communism begins to rise up on the planet of Evan, which sparked up later in the year and lasted to early 2231. Neighboring planets followed afterwards and the League of Socialist Planets is formed in 2234.

2240: The Holy Islamic Empire colonizes four more planets and in the process of colonizing four more.

2258 - 2300: The Holy Islamic Empire and the League of Socialist Planets formed a trading system and their own creations/discovers on their own in secret. Various resources, minerals and metals are discovered on their own planets and in the asteroid belts and drilling/mining begins to create new war machines.

During these events, populations grew overtime and maintained by the year 2380:

The Gorgonian Empire, humiliated by the treaty, joins with the HIE and the LSP in revenge against the Solar Alliance, forming the Intergalactic Hegemony.

2368: The Intergalactic Hegemony’s activities didn’t went unnoticed by the Solar Alliance and responded with increasing their armed forces on planets while other planets don’t realize the whole situation.

May 24th, 2370: Few Martian colony planets staged a coup and declared themselves the True Martian Kingdom in the name of the fallen Martian Queen overthrown by humans and the traitorous Sayr’ihnee. They believed that only pure Martians should not co-exist with humans in the first place.

May 25th: The Tyra-Martians declared war on the Solar Alliance.

December 23rd, 2374: The Solar/Tyra-Martian war ended with SA Victory and the Pure Martian leaders were arrested, found guilty for crimes against the Royal Martian Crown and the Solar Alliance and sentenced to death.

However the war was a ruse, made up by the Intergalactic Hegemony as a distraction so they could gear up and make shipments as quickly as they could.

War of the Worlds

May 21st, 2396: The Grand leader of the Holy Islamic Empire addresses to his people and allies of the Intergalactic Hegemony. In his speeches, he believes the time for Retribution is now. Revenge for the humiliations from the Third Earth Civil War and for the defeat over the weak planet of Talon. And it is time to make their enemies pay for their evil ways for the pain and suffering they cause to their Ancestors centuries ago and for spreading their western infidel influence across the stars. And it is time to spread Islamic Influences and punish those who wronged them in the past and punish those who refuse and mock their influence.

May 23rd: The Intergalactic Hegemony launches surprise invasions of the planets of New Europa, Vectra, The Martian Dominion of Phobos, Valadon, Caledon and Athena, sparking off the Great Intergalactic War. Athena was quickly occupied due to the population’s laziness, and lack of armed forces. But other planets fight back along with several Sol Alliance fleets.

May 25th: The Gorgonian Empire invades the planet of Talon once more. Despite heavy counterattacks, the planet has fallen into occupation. But many Talonians went into hiding and formed underground resistance groups.

May 29th: The Intergalactic Hegemony fleets formed blockades around the planets, cutting off the SA fleet from supplies.

June 2nd: The Hegemony invades planets of Nova Prime, the Holy Kingdom of Judsonia, the Martian Dominion of Ares, Verkiza and the Grand Republic of Columbia.

June 12th: The Solar Alliance halted the Hegemony’s advances into a stalemate.

September 17th: Planets of Vectra, Caledon and Ares fell under occupation, but many resistance insurgents fight back as well as other planets.

September 23rd: The Intergalactic Hegemony finally breaks through the stalemate lines and continues their advancement, conquering many planets and moons along the way.

October 25th: The IH forces are met with fierce stalemate from the SOL alliance forces.

October 29th: The Intergalactic Hegemony have invaded the systems of the Solar Alliance and taking many planets, either occupying them or destroying them in the process.

Sudden Betrayal

June 23rd, 2398: The Great Galactic War raged on for two years, despite the Sol Alliance’s attempts to hold back, the Intergalactic Hegemony continues to push through.

However, the Grand leader of the Holy Islamic Empire begins to secretly stockpile and rebuild its military strength while letting the LSP/Gorgonian Empire do most of the fighting.

September 26th: The IH continues to push towards the Solar System. However they begin to have trouble with the resistance from other planet systems, especially from the Grand Republic of Columbia, heavily influenced by earth’s United States of America, its founding fathers and other American heroes, put up fierce defiance against the IH.

January 4th, 2399: The Holy Islamic Empire suddenly betrays the Intergalactic Hegemony and attacks them throughout the galaxy, the LSP and the Gorgonian Empire are caught completely off guard. March 27th: The Holy Islamic Empire seizes half of the occupied systems from the Hegemony and pushes forward. The Intergalactic Hegemony, weakened by the years of attritions, is unable to stop them.

April 3rd: The Holy Islamic Empire has reached the Solar System and pushes through its defenses. HIE cruiser ships fired massive loads of missiles and torpedoes on the United Earth Republic, the United Martian Kingdom and the United Venus Federation, several cities were either destroyed or heavily from the missile/torpedo strikes, including Washington DC, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong and Jerusalem.

April 4th: The HIE sends invasion forces on the planets in attempts to conquer them while committing massive acts of genocidal killings on them in the process.

April 12th: Despite the HIE massive invasions. The Sol Alliance managed to push them back out of the solar system.

During this time, two alien races, the a reptilian species called the Sauronian Empire and the Grelonian Empire, nicknamed “The Greys” have sided with the Sol alliance in order to knock the Gorgonian Empire out of the war and after witnessing the horrors the Hegemony have unleashed on the Sol Alliance.

Pushing back and Revolts

May 22nd, 2399: The Sol Alliance, along with the Sauronian and Grelonian Empires, begin to push back against the Intergalactic Hegemony, weakened by the breakup. The destruction of the cities on Earth, Mars and Venus, the Sol Alliance vows to rid of the Holy Islamic Empire to avenge the destroyed cities. Even the Grand Republic of Columbia vows to avenge their own cities and planets that were victims of the HIE brutality.

June: The Holy Islamic Empire continues to unleash massive attacks on the Hegemony. The Hegemony Military begins to collapse under sustained attacks from both the HIE and the Sol Alliance.

August 5th: The systems under the Sol Alliance are liberated, but discovered that many people who were under occupation were murdered which fuels the Sol Alliance’s purpose to push on.

August 7th: The Sol Alliance begin to liberate other systems from the weaken Hegemony. The Grand Republic of Columbia takes part of the charges.

The Hegemony continues to face the worse as the Gorgonian Empire begins to dissolve. Many colony systems started to revolt from the war. The Gorgonian Army attempts to silence them ended in disaster as the Empire breaks into two factions, the Pro-Hegemony Citadel forces and the Sol Alliance-backed rebels. The GE exits out of the war and descend into chaos, sparking off the Gorgonian Civil War.

October: Several planets and systems are liberated by the Sol Alliance. Meanwhile the Holy Islamic Empire and the League of Socialist Planets send any available forces against each other. Both armies slaughtered each other from ground forces to hit-and-run bombardments with naval ships to modified planetary defense systems. Many planets were destroyed from the attacks as well as the death toll raised up thirty-fold.

November-December: The Sol Alliance liberates the planet and plans to invade the HIE and the LSP. Meanwhile the Gorgonian Civil War progresses as the rebels continue to gain more planets and systems. The Gorgonian Army continues to grow weaker every day and on the verge of collapse.

Crushing the HIE

January, 2400: Operation: God’s Wraith is launched when the Sol Alliance sends hundreds of ships in both the HIE and the LSP. The Hegemony Army was too weak to stop it from plowing through, several systems are overrun.

March 15th: The League of Socialist Planets surrenders after losing ten planets and collapses.

March 29th: The Gorgonian Empire collapses and splits into several independent systems.

April: The Sol Alliance continues the operation towards the Holy Islamic Empire, taking the remaining systems with ease due to being weakened. The HIE have lost several systems to the LSP’s destructive weapons and to the Sol Alliance, but they’re willing to fight to the death against the ‘Infidels’.

May - June: During Operation: God’s Wraith, the planets under the control of the Sol Alliance begin to experience insurgences but they were put down harshly as they no longer have complete tolerance for Islam after the Third Earth Civil War and during the Great Intergalactic War, leaving them in ruins.

July – August: The Sol Alliance captures the planets surrounding Ali and ready to take the capital planet. But they also had trouble with insurgences and like the others, they were quickly silenced.

September 3rd: Sol Alliance forces landed on the planet and engaged against the HIE remaining armies.

September 11th: Several cities and towns are captured by the Sol Alliance.

September 16th: The HIE launches several nuclear warheads on their own cities, destroying them as well as wiping out many armed forces of the Sol Alliance. Despite this, the Sol Alliance continues to push on and managed to capture several of the warheads.

September 19th: The HIE also unleashes their new weapons against the Sol Alliance. The warheads are tipped with irradiated Sitrusite capable of tearing living organisms apart and affecting the planet’s soil. As the result, they were forced to pull back. It leads to a stalemate.

November 28th: The Sol Alliance fights tooth and nail across the planet and finds out the HIE are planned to bombard Earth with hundreds of irradiated Sitrusite warheads, thus killing or irradiating millions of people on the Sol Alliance capital world and causing the Sol Alliance to capitulate.

November 30th: The Sol Alliance managed to push through the HIE defenses around the experimental crusiers with the Sitrusite arsenal. But the ships were already near the warp coil bound for Earth.

The Sol Alliance manages to destroy its warp coil, causing the ships to plummet towards Ali's surface. Several direct nuclear strikes obliterates the vessels, causing it to drop its Sitrusite arsenal on Ali. The Sol Alliance managed to pulled back from the planet before the nuclear strikes were ordered; resulting fallout destroys what remains of the planet, rendering it lifeless. The Sol Alliance refuses to grant refuge to the Ali survivors after what they’ve done. Despite this, several ships came towards them until they detected nuclear warheads inside the ships and realized that they’re planning to wipe out the Sol Alliance fleet in one strike. But they managed to destroy the ships before they can get close. Crushing the HIE’s chance as well as wiping them out. Thus ending the Great Intergalactic War.

Victory at Last

December 2nd, 2400: The Sol Alliance celebrates its victory, but the price was extremely high. The death toll from both sides is massive.

The Sol Alliance military appearance in the former League of Socialist Planets (now called the Commonwealth of Independent Systems) is strong and it is to insure that it’ll help them recover from the destruction they’ve suffered from the HIE attacks. But the system formerly known as the Holy Islamic Empire is left in ruins. They managed to commission one of the surviving planets as a prison planet and rounded up surviving Islamic survivors to that planet and heavily guard it. No guards on the planet, just the prisoners and the world they’ve have made. But little did they know that they’re survivors on the former capital planet Ali as they’ve fled to the mine shafts and massive mosques which served as shelters and been living underground since then. Nevertheless, the Sol Alliance also place massive surveillance on the planet just in case. The former Gorgonian Empire (now known as the Alliance of Independent Systems) also is aided to recover from the regime they’ve suffered for thousands of years with the Sauronian and Grelonian Empires as their protectorates.

December 12th: The reconstruction of the Sol Alliance and many systems begin, although the reconstruction will last until 2490.

April 2nd, 2430: The former planet Ali begins to deteriorate after the years of the Sitrusite fallout. The planet’s core becomes unstable which resulted in earthquakes and volcanoes, small at first but now grown massive overtime. The Sol Alliance navy pulls back as the Cataclysm destroys the planet, sending large chunks in all directions. But the Sol Alliance managed to black many of them down, however the massive chunk was hurled towards the prison planet, destroying it on impact. The last of Islam has been wiped out that day.

However despite this, the worlds can now wake up and live again and remember the destruction they’ve faced.